Learn about development opportunities in Bristol

Tue 4 February 2020, 5:20 pm

Want to learn more about Bristol and the development opportunities available there, watch the video below created at a special Investors Day event last year.

The occasion held in September was where the third issue of Bristol Is magazine was launched. Created by regeneration specialists 3Fox International, it looks at the development opportunities available in the city. 

The day, which featured a group of almost 100 property professionals and civic officers, included a boat tour with the special networking event held at Bristol's Passenger Shed

Mayor Marvin Rees said at the event: “We want to be clear and very specific about our vision for Bristol, and that is we’re interested in inclusive development and sustainable development. If people share our vision, if they share our values, then there is a partnership on offer here.”

Bristol's citizens have witnessed significant change over the years in a city that recently welcomed Channel 4, and has major developments such as the Bristol Quarter Enterprise Campus. 

Rees added: “I think that what we offer is incredibly exciting and I think anyone coming here would benefit immensely from being on a shared journey of growth and delivery with us.”

To watch the video click here: https://vimeo.com/365767791/d7df800e51

To read about the event held in September head to: www.bristol-is.com/news/9504/All-aboard-for-Bristol-Is-launch